Verified Vitamix Promotion Code

Promotion Code


A Trusted Vitamix Partner
Authorized ownership has its benefits.

As an official Vitamix partner we are authorized to provide you the best prices online with this promotion code.

Use of any of our secure links will apply the promo code and benefits automatically.

In addition to the lowest price, use of our code guarantees that all discounts will be applied to your purchase and you receive free shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada. You also are granted full owner benefits and complete access to the award winning Vitamix customer service.

How to use a Vitamix Promotion Code

imageThe code may be applied on though our links and you may enter the code manually during checkout to apply it and ensure you are receiving all the benefits.

Valid on all New and Reconditioned Vitamix models sold.

A word about Coupons.

Vitamix does not have coupons. They make no compromises with the quality of their product and no compromises on price slashing. The promo code is the only discount valid and honored by Vitamix through their authorized dealers.

Learn more about Vitamix deals and sales.

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